Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday, JULY 1, 2011!!!!

HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYBODY!!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAYMOND!!!!! It's really weird not being there for it but we had a total blast today at the park! When we showed up to work there were Canada flags everywhere and they had even decorated with all of our Provincial flags!!! SO SO cool!! We got to sing O Canada a couple times to guests and it was amazing!! We're all decked out in our red plaid and other Canadian attire and man we looked good!! haha!!! Lunch was provided for us, complimentary from our own restaurant in Epcot, Le Cellier, and in the break room they played Canadian artists on a CD player all day!! It was so so awesome!! I missed Raymond but this was SUCH a neat experience!! I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

THEN, that evening...
Kyra, Collin, Alex, and myself all went out to Jellyrolls, Disney's duelling piano bar. WHAT A CRAZY AMAZING BLAST WE HAD!!!! First of all, the talent of the guys on stage was absolutely incredible! I can't believe I've never experienced this before!! So awesome! So we requested "anything by the BareNaked Ladies" in honor of Canada Day, and I'm SO glad we did! See, most Americans have never heard of Canada Day and don't know what it is. We tell them it's Canada's birthday but they still don't get it, so we tell them it's like Canada's Independence Day and then they ask why we don't call it Independence Day... wow. Anyways, so the one guy that we gave it to was puzzled but totally ran with it, he wished everyone in the room a Happy Canada Day, and then he went on to play "If I Had A Million Dollars" which got the entire place singing along! It was the coolest thing! So then, all throughout the rest of the night he kept referencing Canada Day because he and the rest of the crowd had never heard of it! haha And finally during the song "New York, New York" (yes, DURING the song--he just stopped playing in the middle of the song) he decided he wanted to meet all the Canadians that were shouting and hollering the whole night. He was super shocked when only three got up on stage haha! Ya, we 3 were the only Canadians in the place (Alex is from France so she didn't come up with us but she took pics!!! yay!!!)! haha It was the best!! So anyways, we get up on stage and he has us stage kicking for the end of the song, because the song deserved a big finish and Canada deserved some recognition! haha it was the absolute best Canada Day I've ever had! SO SO awesome!!! Yep, I can definitely say I've never been so proud to be Canadian!

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  1. AWE!! That's awesome, Carrie! I'm so glad you got to celebrate (and educate)on Canada Day! It's so sad how ignorant slash uninformed our American neighbours are about us. But it's a good thing they have YOU to help them know a bit about us! Glad you had such an awesome Canada Day!